Vendor Info

Here at RPM, we recognize that providing our customers with the best partnership means we have to be very selective with whom we choose to partner with as vendors ourselves. There are a multitude of services where RPM contracts with companies for services including the following…

  • Contact Solution Provider
  • Skip Trace vendor
  • Credit Reporting
  • Office Supplies
  • Mail Services
  • Local & Long Distance Telephone Services
  • Predictive Dialer Services
  • Security & Document Management

RPM is constantly entertaining new challengers as prospective vendors for all services provided. We apply the same expectations to our vendors that we expect form ourselves in performing to our customers. In this constantly evolving account receivable management industry, the environment is constantly changing. Areas such as pricing, technology and overall solution expectations form vendors must change as well. RPM constantly challenges our vendors to provide better solutions for lower costs and this is why we frequently conduct new champion challenger tests with our vendors.