RPM Advantage

RPM opened for business with the ideal of being different than most of the large receivables management companies that have been taken over by corporate venture capital profit needs. Rather than establishing a hollow “Mission Statement”, we believe the “RPM Advantage” is applicable to three key aspects of our business…

  • A sincere dedication to the principle of “Keeping Our Promises”
  • A companywide focus that “The Customer Is Always First"
  • A commitment to utilizing the best “Technology and Human Resources” available to best serve our clients

In addition to this, every single employee that works for RPM, is educated regarding, and agrees to our “Core Values”. These core values are as follows…

  • Respect and Compliance: RPM's primary objective is to act in accordance with all federal, state and local collection laws while treating every consumer with dignity and respect. All RPM employees act to the best of their abilities to do what is asked by our clients and our clients customers while serving RPM's commitment to be the most compliant and observant receivables management organization in the industry. RPM operates in a highly regulated, consumer oriented environment. RPM's commitment to a 'compliance first' philosophy provides a long term competitive advantage and ensures future success by maximizing a consumer's experience and setting a benchmark of quality with clients and regulatory agencies.
  • Student Mentality: We believe we should always be open minded to new ideas, new processes and new understandings. Although our executive team has close to a century of Account Receivable Management (ARM) experience, we believe the only constant is change and that best practices are continuously evolving.
  • Character: We recognize that our industry is highly competitive and that there will be occasions when times are difficult. Rather than fearing this scenario, we look forward to being able to embrace these challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our character under adverse conditions.
  • Integrity: We emphasize that in our industry, while assisting our customers and consumers with monetary issues, the highest degree of honesty and integrity must be demonstrated in all situations.

Finally, these core values all have one thing in common that lies at the foundation of our principles at RPM, they are all “Things we choose”, and everything else falls under the category of “Things that can be learned”. Maintaining a constant eye toward the RPM Advantage, as well as our core values is what separates us from our competitors, thus contributing to our success.