At RPM we know that how we build partnerships will ultimately determine our success. We have determined to grow our business by scale rather than margin. We endeavor to earn the loyalty and respect of each of our clients by not looking at them as merely a profit center. In other words, we are much more than a traditional collection agency. We provide our clients with business intelligence. We have the expertise to analyze our client's entire receivables process, determine strategies and make recommendations to improve and maximize their receivables performance.

RPM has a unique approach in how we build our business partnerships. Our first initiative with potential partners is to listen and learn and become a student of the “Who, What, When, How and Where as it relates to how a company is currently treating their delinquent accounts both internally and externally. After gathering accurate and comprehensive information we then do an assessment and make recommendations that apply to your process. Sometimes RPM is a “fit” for filling a gap in your current process and sometimes we are not. If we can fill a gap, we will tell you how and why it makes financial sense in a formal proposal. If we are not a fit at the time, we will still provide recommendations and analysis in hopes of becoming a valuable information and consulting resource so that in the future should an opening arise within your process we would be considered as a trusted resource. RPM functions in all debt treatment stages including Outsourcing, Early Age, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and the Warehouse stage.

When you choose RPM, you will also enjoy the improvements we can make in the performance of all your receivable service providers.