To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we spend time on the innovation of new ideas and strategies that can not only help us improve our performance relative to our peers, but may also be of benefit to our clients in learning about techniques that can work on their portfolios.

RPM is currently competitive and ranks amongst the best on virtually all competitive scorecards for all products serviced. We employ analytical operational processes that really separate us from the vast majority of our peers.

We have internally developed and own our source code. This creates an exceptional delivery mechanism that allows us to build innovation and creativity into our existing and new processes, as well as our collection techniques.

RPM has developed an account behavior scoring model with respect to a specific industry. This model takes data points such as Debtor’s credit class, location, age, balance range, business type, good phone, mail return, previously contacted, unit yield, etc. Based on the data points, our algorithm developed specific to industry, scores the accounts to further segment the inventory into four value categories that receive different work treatments.

We employ every available analytical tool to determine the optimal strategy for each portfolio that we work. While many agencies use scoring and analytics to bolster collection efforts, we integrate strategies across every contact medium.

RPM recently announced the implementation of UTOPY, the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and Performance Optimization Solutions, powered Customer Interaction Analytics (Speech Analytics).

RPM chose phrase-based recognition rather than first converting speech into phonemes or text. This approach was chosen for various reasons, but two key components are the abilty to select pre-defined phrases that are key to the business and the fact that this method provides the highest data reliability.

UTOPY was also able to integrate RPM's two recording platforms to enable the user to run criterion based data attached to any given telephone call. (State, zip code, phone number, representative, address, repetitive trends, training opportunities). Lastly, topics were created based on compliance, escalations and reduction of potential litigious consumers. Upon detection of key phrases, words or regulatory concerns, a consumer will be routed to an escalations team to diffuse the potential concern.

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